BLOGS How a Good DJ Reads the Entire Room

May 23, 2022
How a Good DJ Reads the Entire Room

Reading the room is one of the most important things you can do as a musician and as a DJ. Whether you’re there for a wedding or a birthday party, the hosts have spent their hard-earned money on you, and it’s up to you to deliver a memorable experience!

Remember — you’re not there just to play songs. You’re a multifaceted entertainer whose job transcends having to crank a few tunes to get the crowd going. As a performer, you need to understand an encompassing range of elements in order to read a room and gauge whether you’re doing a successful job or not.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what said elements go into reading the room so you can be the best performer possible!

Doing Due Diligence

As with most professions, doing your due diligence will only serve you better in your endeavors, especially as a DJ. As you prepare for your upcoming gig, you want to be as observant as possible about your upcoming situation.

Where is your next gig going to be? Is it family-oriented? College-themed? Factor in as many key demographic details as possible, so you can easily tailor a set around the people in attendance.

Communicate with the Client

Another important step in reading the room is the hired DJ communicating with the client. Hosts and DJs should meet (ideally several times) to hash out all details and ensure smooth sailing during their big events. Some ideas to potentially discuss between host and DJ include song selection, a “do not” playlist, and demographic information for the upcoming event. 

It can be challenging to curate content for an event when demographics are so widely encompassing. To entertain the 4-year-old all the way to the 90-year-old at the party requires an attentive and hyper-observant eye and ear to the dance floor. Discussing with the client to ensure the meeting of all guest needs will save a lot of time and demonstrate one’s commitment to putting on a great performance for all.

On top of that, shaping a schedule with the client is imperative to an event’s success. Appropriately timing slow dance numbers, energetic songs (and maintaining that tempo!), and segueing out for other festivities like cake-cutting and speeches will allow for a seamless event free of hiccups and other distractions.

Take Note of Body Language

The ultimate rule of thumb in reading any room — body language! There is absolutely nothing more important than body language.

Are people bobbing their heads to your curated soundtrack? Are they full-on dancing and getting down to the grooves you’re laying down? Or are they just standing around — meandering on their phones, waiting for the next track to come…

On top of that, your interjections play a crucial role, so know your personality type. If you’re a funnyman, use that to your advantage — but know your audience before making any wisecrack remarks! If you’re witty or energetic, use that to pump the crowd up if you enter a lull. People do get fatigued from dancing all night, after all.

Look for “Party Starters”

Yes, like the classic Will Smith track — keep an eye out for what we refer to as “party starters.” These are the high-energy individuals on the dance floor, who seemingly have their finger on the pulse of the room and can have other attendees eating out of the palm of their hands.

Party starters are an important guidepost for your performance. If they can get down to what you’re playing, then they’ll undoubtedly shepherd other partygoers to the dance floor. So if you’re struggling to read the room, pinpoint these individuals and you’ll be golden!

Everlasting Productions’ Commitment to Quality

If you’re looking for a team of seasoned DJs that have no problem reading the room, look no further than Everlasting Productions! Our expert DJs have spent years reading the room, perfecting their sounds, and cultivating their techniques. 

With our multiple services offered, we promise the highest quality delivered for all of our clients. So if you’re looking to have some spectacular sounds for your next event, visit our website and contact us today!

BLOGS How Your DJ Can Make or Break Your Party

May 9, 2022
How Your DJ Can Make or Break Your Party

Every party needs a good DJ curating the soundtrack and being aware of the dynamic, ever-changing environment they’re in. In fact, ensuring client comfort and happiness are essential to the job! And despite how it looks, being a DJ is quite a demanding gig.

It’s not as easy as getting up there and pushing a few buttons on your laptop and calling it a night — your DJ must be able to bring a lot more to the table than just playing those popular tunes throughout the night. From understanding crowd dynamics to developing charisma and a persona, this article will show you what makes a DJ great and how a DJ can make or break your party.

The Importance of a Good DJ

Not only does a good DJ play the appropriate songs for any given occasion, but they also understand the fundamentals of human communication and the party environment. They can make you laugh, fill you with joy at the opportune moment, and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

On the other hand, a subpar DJ won’t adhere to these elements. It may be easy to “fake it till you make it” by playing the latest hits — but chances are the crowd won’t be left with any lasting memories beyond the tunes.

However, with these elements in mind, a good DJ can supercharge a party with the proper know-how. 

Understanding the Crowd and Pop Culture

Reading the room is crucial to being a good DJ! Are you at a wedding? Are you at a Sweet 16? Taking stock in what kind of environment you are in, along with the crowd demographics, will help you dictate the culture and ultimately your own actions as a DJ.

Who’s in the room? Take into consideration key elements like gender, age group, race, and ethnicity. This will come in handy as it’ll help you choose your setlist for the night. For example, if you’re playing to a group of younger people, you’ll probably want to check out what’s trending on TikTok and Spotify to get a grasp of what to play. Tokboard is a great resource to see what’s popular on the Tok in real time.

If you’re at a wedding, throwbacks are certainly a move! Throw on some of the biggest hits of yesteryear (maybe even bring along a Walkman for the aesthetic) and you’ll be golden. It also helps if you have a playlist of “safe” songs that are instantly recognizable to the majority of people. Who can’t get down to The Killers’ classics “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside?!”

Incorporating Dynamics

If there’s a DJ at a social gathering, chances are people want to turn up. Bring the energy with songs that are fast in tempo! Songs that are 170 BPM and above are good for getting the energy flowing in the room.

But, of course, people are people — and people get tired after a while. Some DJs probably won’t read the room and take this into account, but not Everlasting Productions!

A good DJ won’t have an endless barrage of noise throughout the entire party, so turn it down a notch with some slower jams once you see people filtering away from the dance floor and getting tired. Songs from 65 to 85 BPM are good.

And don’t be afraid to consider the “bathroom break.” As the night progresses, people will filter in and out of bathrooms — a good DJ will take notice of when people start disappearing for longer periods than not. At this point in the night, save all of the big banger tracks and either play some lesser known music and/or slower music. You don’t want bathroom-goers to miss out on a big moment when you’re three-quarters into the night and front-loaded the soundtrack.

Bringing the Charisma

Of course, a good DJ transcends the music. A good DJ knows how to speak to a crowd — speak their language, provide witty banter (depending on the circumstances), and listen to their audience in what they want. They also know what the crowd wants before the crowd wants it. 

This means doing your due diligence in studying your audience and your upcoming gig — that way you can cater your personal performance to them. Not doing so can create a dull, drab performance — which a crowd can sniff from a mile away.

Smile, laugh, and be able to push the envelope with your radiant personality!

What Separates Everlasting Productions From the Rest

At Everlasting Productions, we boast a selection of seasoned DJs who have been honing their crafts for years on end. All avid music listeners, our charismatic crew here incorporates a multitude of music genres and backgrounds that will spice up any special occasion you may have. But don’t just take our word for it — just listen to our happy customers!

One client described Everlasting Productions as “An Excellent DJ Service” and wrote, “It is very easy to recommend Everlasting Productions … The flow of the reception was perfect, and they definitely brought the party and atmosphere we wanted. We only heard positive feedback from our guests, and we would choose them again in an instant.”

To learn more about Everlasting Productions, please visit our website today and contact us to turn your next event up!