BLOGS 7 Refreshing Spring Wedding Ideas

February 23, 2020
7 Refreshing Spring Wedding Ideas

Source: JuneBug Weddings

Raise your hand if you love springtime! As we’re all sitting in our living rooms with our hands raised, let’s take a second to appreciate this wonderful time of year. With the blooming flowers and vibrant colors that come after the cold winter months, it’s easy to tell why so many couples like to get married during this season. If you’re one of those couples and want to mix it up with a fresh take on your spring wedding, this blog post is for you!

Check out these refreshing spring wedding ideas:

1. Go sustainable with florals

If you’ve been following recent wedding trends, you know that sustainability has been a hot topic for months. We’re all about it! Since springtime is all about flowers and pretty things, it’s a great opportunity to practice eco-friendly decor options. Dried florals are an excellent way to still get that flower-y feeling without harming the environment.

We’re obsessed with these dried floral bouquets from Anthropologie you can use for your wedding and re-use in your home!

2. Rock a botanical braid

There’s no better time of year than spring to add some blooms to your bridal hair look! If you’re rocking a braid, ask your florist to save a few extra flowers to add the special springtime touch.

3. Keep it neutral

A spring doesn’t have to mean pastels and rose-y hues. Keep in on-trend with the all-white look or a neutral color palette, and let the natural colors of the season steal the show!

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BLOGS 10 Cheerful Spring Colors to Wake Up Your Home

February 19, 2020
10 Cheerful Spring Colors to Wake Up Your Home

By Juliana Labianca

Source: Good Housekeeping

The early days of spring are some of the best in the year. The sun is out, there’s a hint of warmth in the air, and the first crocuses have made their way through the thawing earth. No matter what the temperature actually is outside, you’ve been reminded that warmer weather is on its way, and that the winter doldrums are almost over. The best way to celebrate this welcome change of season? With a spring home refresh, of course.

One of the easiest ways to update your space for spring is to tweak its color palette. To find the prettiest spring colors of 2020, we asked interior designers and home experts which hues they were most excited about this year. Whether you use these colors to paint the walls or simply include them in a bright spring centerpiece, these shades will invigorate your space and help you spring into spring.

spring colors - pink, white, camel

Ever since the “millennial pink” craze began around 2016, blush has been a popular year-round color — but obviously, it’s got a particular allure in spring. “One of our favorite color combos for spring is white, camel/taupe, and soft pink,” says Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors. “It’s such a timeless color palette because of its neutrality, but it also provides a bit of warmth and subtle color to a space without going too over the top.”

Bright Blue
spring colors - blue

A bright blue was Pantone’s Color of the Year, so you’ll see it everywhere this year. It works particularly well when paired with green, as the colors remind us of the great outdoors. “Both of these colors are so versatile and can work as an accent wall in a dark tone, as a pop of color in pillows or a rug, or even as a statement sofa in your space,” says Lee Mayer, CEO of the online interior design service Havenly. “Depending on the tones and fabrics you choose, both of these colors can play into any style really well — an emerald velvet sofa can feel really luxe while blue linen pillows can feel perfectly classic.”

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