BLOGS 2019 Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events

January 15, 2019
2019 Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events

By Will Curran

Source: Endless Events

The year 2019 is almost upon us. How will the events industry fare this year, and what trends will rule the roost when it comes to event planners’ priorities? Let’s take a look at these trends and how you can ride their waves successfully.

2019 Event Trends:

  1. Your Audience Craves Authenticity
  2. Infusing Events With Hands-On Experiences
  3. Brain Dates: Networking 2.0
  4. Bleisure Travel Becomes The New Norm
  5. Using Metrics for Crowdshaping and Customization
  6. Saving on WiFi Costs
  7. Enhancing Event Cybersecurity
  8. Diversity Takes Root
  9. Sustainability Is Part of the Plan
  10. Facial Recognition for Security and Feedback
  11. New Rules for Influencers
  12. Using Wearable Tech Wisely
  13. Adding Personality to Chatbots
  14. Standing Out With Stage Design
  15. Furniture That’s Both Social And Empowering

Your Audience Craves Authenticity

Despite the increasing number of events held yearly, many still feel like copycats of other successful conferences. These events fail to establish their own identity, relying instead on mimicking what made others successful

This is no longer going to fly this 2019. Authenticity is important for immersion, but that only comes about when the event’s purpose is clear. It’s not just about plastering your brand all over the place, but also proving your expertise in the industry.

Authenticity involves making the right decisions every step of the way. Are we choosing sponsors that match our value? Do our topics reflect our event’s purpose and does it resonate with our audience? Do our speakers and influencers reflect our brand well?

Infusing Events With Hands-On Experiences

Interactivity during events isn’t limited to digital experiences. Workshops are fast becoming the preferred activity for many conferences and meetings. Attendees want to experience, not just witness, whatever the event is about.

Instead of long-winded speeches, short talks are combined with activities that let the audience learn first-hand how to apply what they learned. Hands-on experiences have the advantage of adding extreme value to learning, while also aiding in the stress reduction of the attendees. To facilitate an even deeper level of immersion, make sure your sessions have definite time frames and tangible incentives.

If you are considering adding workshops to your events, keep in mind to choose the appropriate venue that allows people to move freely to facilitate interaction. Also, add some budget to cover the logistics of the activities, both in time and money.

Brain Dates: Networking 2.0

Aside from the traditional conference format and the more immersive workshops, another event format is taking center stage: “brain dates”, one-on-one meetings that foster a new level of knowledge exchange.

Usually, the event organizer facilitates the brain date, asking participants both to fill out what knowledge they have to share as well as the knowledge they want to gain. It sidesteps the hustle involved when networking, letting pairs create deeper connections with each other. Aside from exchanging knowledge, brain dates are also a way to gain new contacts and customers.

It’s been picking up speed because of its innovative format for learning and teaching, satisfying the thirst for knowledge exchange without having to spend time and money in a huge event. In the same vein, brain dates are also fast becoming an event within an event, with large conferences like C2 Montreal initiating brain date sessions.

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