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January 17, 2019
Top Event Planning Tips for 2019

Source: In2Events

Event planning, no matter your experience, is a complex task that takes time, experience, dedication and creativity. As 2018 draws to a close, we thought we’d share our top event planning tips for 2019 to help you get ahead of the game.

Tip 1. Always Create an Event Brief:

Whether you are an event novice or an expert, there are some event planning staples that are vital to pin down for each and every event, no matter the size or purpose. Creating an event brief is one of them: produce a document that gives an overview of all the important information pertaining to your event, including the brand vision and overall objectives that are required to be achieved. With a strong plan and a realistic budget in place, the event planning process can begin with a clear focus.

Tip 2. Harness the Power of Data:

Data can provide powerful insights into events and provide intelligence that can shape your entire event programme. Data intelligence is key to measuring event success against objectives; creating delegate profiles to develop customised attendee experiences; analysing lead generation and sales performance and becomes a vital source of information for the planning of future events.

There are a various tools available to help event planners collect data, understanding from the offset what data you require to be collected from your event will help determine what tools are best for you to utilise.

Tip 3. Find a Venue That’s the Perfect fit:

Selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions in the event planning process and can influence so many other elements of your event plans and budget. Providing key information and asking the right questions is a must when liaising with venues and can help determine if a venue is a good fit for your event. To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s also advisable to visit venue options yourself to see the location and view the facilities first-hand.

Tip 4. Promote Your Event Effectively:

Get your event noticed with a well-thought-out event marketing strategy. Creating awareness of your event and engaging with your target audience before, during and after your event is a sure-fire way of contributing to its overall success. Understand your audience and reach them through relevant channels.

Tip 5: Engaging Experiences:

Your event has to resonate with and engage your attendees and this can come down to the content and the methods of interactivity included within your programme.

Keep your audience in the forefront of your planning at all times: anticipate how they would want information delivered and by who, incorporate opportunities for delegates to participate and interact throughout the course of the event.

From booking recognisable, highly-anticipated guest speakers through to implementing event technology that can enhance delegate experiences, there are a multitude of ways to deliver an event that creates an impact and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Tip 6. Ongoing Feedback:

Feedback should be collected before, during and after an event. Listen to your audience and how they are engaging with your event marketing in the lead up to your event. During the event create touch-points for attendees to provide live feedback and after your event has ended, incentivise your guests with exclusive offerings and ask them to provide their much-needed thoughts and opinions about their experiences.

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